The Republic of North Macedonia remains one of Europe’s last undiscovered wine countries: a natural paradise of vineyards, mountains, lakes and rivers, where life moves in a different rhythm, amidst the sprawling grandeur of rich historical ruins and idyllic villages that have remained practically unchanged for centuries.

Our mission with the Vizba Valandovo wine series is to find indigenous varieties as close to the genetic original and grown in the same terroir as in ancient times. We hope to recreate a shared communal experience of our ancestors such as love, passion family and celebration through the tasting of these age-old wines.

Archaeological evidence shows that old European civilization flourished in Macedonia between 7000 and 3500 BC. Macedonia is located in the center of the Southern Balkans, north of ancient Greece, east of Illyria, and west of Thrace. The ancient Macedonians were a distinct nation, ethnically, linguistically, and culturally different from their neighbors. The origins of the Macedonians are in the ancient Brygian substratum which occupied the whole Macedonian territory and in Indo-European superstratum, which settled here at the end of the 2nd millennium.


The imperious sun is an iconic symbol of the Macedonian heritage, a heritage woven with unique traditions and a pioneering spirit. During the Alexander III of Macedon rule, commonly known as Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), Macedonians were the ones that contributed to spreading wines across the whole Empire. They believed that the wine and the sun are sources of wealth and luck. During this period, MACEDONIA WAS ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS REGIONS FOR GROWING GRAPES IN THE EMPIRE. All of this is confirmed by archaeological findings which were discovered in the Gevgelija-Valandovo region, for mostly on the archaeological dig site Isar – Marvinci.Even in the present  the Gevgelija-Valandovo region is still considered the heart of Macedonian wine and grape production.

Vardarski Rid is an archaeological site in the immediate vicinity of Gevgelija, along the river Vardar. The largest multipurpose settlement from prehistoric and early-ancient times was discovered there, with an intense and continuous life from the end of the Bronze Age until the fall of the ancient Macedonian state and the establishment of the Roman domination of this part of the Balkans. On certain lines, traces of fortified facilities built of crushed stone and lime plaster were identified. Remains of four culturally stratums have been recorded. VARDARSKI RID IS THE ONLY CITY IN THE REPUBLIC OF N. MACEDONIA WHERE THE PERIOD OF PHILIP AND ALEXANDER OF MACEDONIA WAS CONFIRMED.

“Enjoy the sun – enjoy Macedonian wine!”


The influence

The imperious sun is an iconic symbol of the Macedonian heritage, a heritage woven with unique traditions and a pioneering spirit. During the Alexander III of Macedon rule, commonly known as Alexander the Great, Macedonian were the ones that contributed to spreading wines across Empire. They believed that the wine and the sun are sources of wealth and luck. During this period, Macedonia was one of the most famous regions for growing grapes in the Empire. All of this is confirmed by archeological findings witch were discovered in the Valandovo region, for mostly on the archaeological dig site Isar – Marvinci.

The influence of the mild Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days a year and moderate winters place this area among the ecological gardens in Europe. Our country’s ancient history, location and climate gave a reflection of our winemakers’ pioneering spirit.

How we started

70-year-old winery Vizba Valandovo is one of the oldest wineries in Macedonia. To create this experience, we are meticulous about our process. We handpick our grapes from the fabled vineyards of Valandovo ravine. Our winemakers guide us in blending traditional vintner’s secrets with new age ingenuity. Quality winemaking is a skilled craft that consumes a very large part of one’s life; so it must be joyful.


Today, Winery remains one of the oldest and largest producing winery in Macedonia with 70 years of winemaking, making it an essential component of the city’s cultural and historical landscape of Valandovo.


Through the years the capacity was increased by aboveground INOX-cisterns and today the capacity amounts to 12 500 000 litres. The success of the wines is evident in the market place.  Currently, our wines are exported to the Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria.


Our winery is our family. We believe in growing and producing our wines, using traditional and long established methods and rigorously follow environmental friendly techniques.

Vizba Valandovo Winery

Our Timeline


Purchased Farm

We planted our first vineyard back in 1948. Purchased 200 acres on Pogana, Josifovo, Pirava, Čaparica and Rabrovo commenced development of these hillside vineyards into what becomes Vizba Valandovo Winery.



First Production

In 1953, the first significant production was make, with a capacity of more than 3.000.000 litres. The winery purchased a premium property in the sub-region of Valandovo. The property was carefully selected and planted to proven varieties such as Vranac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Victoria, and Riesling.
We also started relationships and business partnerships with grape growers throughout the region, many of which still exist today.



The agricultural combine ``ANSKA REKA``

In the 1970s, winery and vineyard became the agricultural combine “Anska Reka”. With 1120 ha vineyard and 7700 tones wine capacity. “Anska Reka” was one of the biggest economic development company in Valandovo.



SKOMEKA International Fair

“Anska Reka” has won five prizes at the International Fair SKOMEKA 1976 in Skopje: 3 Gold awards for grapes “Valandovo’s red Drenak”, “White winter grape” and “Californian miracle”, silver Award went to pomegranate and bronze to “Ribier” grape.



New equipment

Wine production have increased in a capacity from 1953 years – 3,000.000 litr, 1968 – 5,000.000 litr, 1973 – 8, 250.000 litr, 1978 – 19,450.000 litr.
In 1978 was accepted solution to invest for building new cisterns for red wine fermentation.



``ANSKA REKA -Komerc``

The agriculture combine ``Anska Reka`` is the biggest enterprise in the borough of Valandovo and one of the leading working organisations of its branch in SR of Macedonia. ``Anska Reka`` has over 2.500 ha of arable land, mostly with vineyard plantations and grain commodities.More than 20.000 tons of table and wine grapes are produced for the home and foreign markets. Significant part is processed in its own cellar with 15.000 tons capacity. The combine has its own refrigerated store-house with 5.000 tons capacity.



Vizba Valandovo

Vzba Valandovo founded on 15 February 2004 by Roto-founders ULAGANJA doo Croatia, Zagreb. Private, foreign capital, average firm size.



Vizba Valandovo Winery

The capacity was enlarging constantly thru the years with overhead inox cisterns, to the present value of 12.5 million liters. There is a special vault also, with barrels made from American oak. We have a land property of 500 ha of vine plantations, wine vault, cold storage and finally an exclusive pomegranate and watermelons plantation.
Today the winery comprises over 1000 hectares of land, and has a capacity of 12 500 000 liters of wine per year. It produces over 5 000 000 litters of wine from own grape production.