• Vranac World Day 1st edition

    Balkan Wine Network was officially established this days in Skopje under the topic – #Wine as a bridge of cooperation in the Western #Balkan countries. Wine Associations and regional Agencies from all Western #Balkan countries agreed that will work together in order to make the Balkan region the new world wine star.

    Here are some highlights from #VranacWorldDay 1st edition.

    Cheers from all Vizba Valandovo Winery team!


  • Vranec World Day

    Wine is one of the few domestic products through which Macedonian brand is exported and through which the country is proudly represented on the foreign markets. In this honor, we are pleased to inform you that the Association “Wines of Macedonia” is organizing an event of exceptional importance for the wine industry in Macedonia. It is an event that will mark the most important for Macedonia wine variety Vranec, the recognition of this variety, as well as promotion of wines and wine regions of the Balkans where this variety is grown. For this purpose, after the international wine holidays, we named this event Vranec World Day – VWD, a day that deserves to stand alongside the rest of the world when international varieties are celebrated around the world. Promoting the most important Vranec variety on international markets will enhance and broaden Macedonia’s position as a high quality wine producing country, reinforcing the country’s positive attributes, such as good agriculture, specific healthy and traditional cuisine, attractiveness as a tourist destination and as a country with its own identity and traditions.

    This year the event will take place on October 5, 2019 at Hotel Hilton in Skopje. The event will be attended by international wine experts, regional guests and the media, representatives of the Embassies of the Republic of Macedonia, government representatives, Vranec wine producers from Macedonia and the region and domestic wine lovers.

  • Skopje Wine Salon’17

    From first to second of December, Vizba Valandovo Winery took part at the second the Skopje Wine Salon 2017 at the hotel Marriott in Skopje. We had the opportunity to present our young wine and learn more about Macedonian wine with our collegues.

  • Vintage 2017

    Vintage 2017 has just commenced in the Vizba Valandovo Winery and will finish in October. The harvesting of wine grapes (vintage) is the most important step in the process of winemaking and the busiest time of year in the wineries.

  • Representative office in the Netherlands

    July 2017. Vizba Valandovo Winery has launched a representative office in the Netherlands.

    With 10 years of experience on Croatian and Slovenian markets, Vizba Valandovo Winery had opened a representative company in Arnhem, the Netherlands with goals to develop retailing, marketing of the Winery, and possible increasing of cooperation with finding new applicative technologies of the Netherland’s agricultural industry and applying them to the Macedonian market.

    The Netherlands is into the top 10 countries that imported the highest dollar value worth of wine during 2016. Due to insufficient domestic production in the Netherlands, consumers are more open to foreign wines.

    Vizba Valandovo Winery is ready to explore the market and offer quality wine. What sets us apart is our continuous quest and capacity to get better as we grow.


    Contact information for the Netherland representative office:

    Chateau TRADE Valandovo

    Address: Nieuwe Stationsstraat 20
6811KS Arnhem



  • Macedonian wine

    Wine regions

    According to climate characteristics and EU classification, Republic of Macedonia belongs in III-C-b zone for producing wine types of grape, and has adopted the enological regulations for this zone. Other regions of this particular area include Mediterranean France, Corsica, Southern Italy and Spain. It is a region ideal for viticultivation of the best quality RED grapes. Adding sugar is prohibited.

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